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State Contact Information Approved Patented and Proprietary Products References
Alabama Kidada Dixon
Alaska Richard Giessel
Arizona Marissa Valenzuela
Arizona DOT uses the APEL website for postings of proprietary products. Policies and Procedures - SUP 01-1 Proprietary Items
Arkansas Michael Benson
Arkansas does not use Patented and Proprietary Products. There is not a process in place to consider their use.
California Tim Greutert
916-227-7303 CEWP Guidelines
Colorado David Kotzer
303-398-6566 FIPI and Certification Procedure
Connecticut Andrew Mroczkowski
Hycrete - Patented and Proprietary Product
Delaware Jennifer Pinkerton
302-760-2400 View
Florida Karen Byram
Georgia Brennan Roney
The Georgia Department of Transportation New Product Evaluation Committee does not have a page for approved patented and proprietary products. When the office of maintenance or construction uses a proprietary product, then they have follow the guidelines in the presentation.
Hawaii Jamie Ho
Hawaii DOT does not have anything.
Idaho Patti Fanckboner
QPL Submittal Process
Illinois Joe Vespa
Indiana Michael Pelham
317-610-7251 Ext. 216
New Products Submittal, Directive No. 110
Iowa Kevin Jones
Kansas Richard Barezinsky
KS DOT does not have an Approved Patented and Proprietary Product listing. We try not to single source a material or process that would exclude others from providing the material/service.
Kentucky William Semones
Approval Process of New Material
Louisiana Richie Charoenpap
225-248-4217 New Products Evaluation Form
Maine Dawn Bickford
Our Engineering Council follows FHWA 23 Title CFR 635.411 for certifying proprietary products.
Maryland Eric Dougherty
MD mostly utilizes patented and proprietary products for certification and synchronization in state and local municipality projects . In addition, Eric Dougherty is responsible for processing and approving the Patent and Proprietary Products for certification and synchronization for the State of MD. This includes the local municipalities as well.
Massachusetts Nikolaos Antoniadis
Michigan John Staton
Minnesota Curt Turgeon
651-366-5535 Each product has its own process to obtain approval.
Mississippi John Blakely
As part of our project development process, proprietary products are identified during a project's office review meeting and then the appropriate division submits a form to FHWA for approval so that the product can be called out in the project plans. The MDOT Construction Division will maintain an internal list of approved proprietary products as they are introduced and used on new projects. To my knowledge, there is no procedure whereby a manufacturer can get a product approved and added to the list.
Missouri Jeff Joens
Montana Oak Metcalfe
Nebraska Mark Lindemann
402-479-4752 New Products Evaluation Form
Nevada Sabra Gilbert-Young
775-888-7894 View
New Hampshire Susan Dearborn
We have no written procedure or link to any products.
New Jersey Angelo Mendola
609-530-2290 View
New Mexico James Gallegos
505 827-5498 View
New York Don Streeter
NY does not maintain any listing of proprietary products. We will draft special specifications for products we need in certain circumstances and typically cite performance characteristics of the materials w/o using any specific trade names. Once in awhile we will cite trade names but always include 3 equivalent products and state "or approved equal" in a special specification. Once we have established availability and/or use of a specification citing 3 or more items we often create a Section 700 Material requirement and an approved list category… which then means the item isn't proprietary. The exception to the 3 name spec situation is when we are evaluating a product for experimental reasons and then FHWA typically requires us to consider the material as an Experimental Features and perform specific evaluations and reporting. We make very few requests to use proprietary items because the FHWA NY Division will not approve the use of proprietary materials in general. New Product Evaluation Application
North Carolina Natalie Roskam
Procedures for Using Proprietary Items
North Dakota Justin Ramsey
NDDOT doesn't maintain a list of acceptable products, proprietary or otherwise, that are acceptable under our specifications.We accept products either thru a testing program (if one exists for that particular item) or via Certificate of Compliance from the contractor/manufacturer stating that the material meets the appropriate requirements under the contract. This summarized on our website under a heading normally associated with a QPL or APL
Ohio Brad Young
ODOT follows FHWA 23 Title CFR 635.411 for certifying proprietary products. New Product Development Standard Procedure
Oklahoma Matt Romero
OK DOT does not maintain such a list. They do not usually approve proprietary products as it is frowned upon by their local FHWA.
Oregon Dean Chess
Pennsylvania James Tenaglia
Process for Submitting a Product Evaluation Application
Rhode Island Deborah Munroe
401-222-2450 Guidance on Patented and Proprietary Product Approval
South Carolina Terry Swygert
South Carolina doesn't have a patented product listing or policy. SC DOT has a "new products" policy, but it isn't specifically geared towards patented or proprietary products.
South Dakota Jerry Schaefer
Tennessee Danny Lane
Procedures for Using Patented or Proprietary Products with Federal Funds (SOP 1-5)
Texas Darren Hazlett
512-416-2456 FHWA Guidance for the Use of Patented and Proprietary Products on Federal-Aid Projects
Utah Bin Shi
We do not have a list of approved proprietary products or approving procedure. We usually follow FHWA policy put those right in the special or specification directly if we need.
Vermont Mladen Gagulic
Virginia Christian Layne
Approval Procedures to Use Proprietary Items and Processes
Washington Kent Kalisch
360-705-7591 Competitive Bidding, Proprietary Items, and Use of the Qualified Products List (QPL)
West Virginia Greg Bradford
304-558-9882 View
Wisconsin John Rublein
608-246-7953 Guidance on Patented and Proprietary Product Approval
Wyoming Greg Milburn
WYDOT avoids using proprietary products. We are working on establishing a qualified product list (QPL) however it's not designed to approve proprietary products that can be used on state projects. Instead, it will be used to circumvent/supplement the process of submitting material certifications at the project level.
Ministry of Transportation Ontario Becca Lane
MTO uses patented or proprietary products in an open bid environment where the product competes against others